I just moved into my new apartment in Orlando, and I don’t know the area very well yet. Any tips on getting around the Orlando area?

There are several major roads and highway that converge in Orlando, so you'll have to plot your course along one of these to get to another part of town quickly and conveniently. Interstate 4, or I-4, is Orlando's largest highway and bisects Central Florida from Tampa to Daytona Beach, although it travels Westbound through Orlando North to South. This highway effectively separates East and West Orlando, and functions as the major route for Orlando commuters. If you are truly lost somewhere in Orlando, you should ask people which way I-4 is, to reorient your sense of direction.  The 408 Expressway is a toll runs East-to-West and bisects the City of Orlando horizontally. The Beachline or 528 is a toll road that starts at Orlando International Airport and heads straight out to the East Coast.  The 417 loops East Orlando from north to south and connects the 528 to I-4. Florida's Turnpike heads south from North Orlando Florida through West Orlando and travels all the way down to South Florida. There are many other roads, but these are some of the major highways you will travel should you decide to rent an Orlando apartment.

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