How can I get involved with my child’s school near Full Sail?

Whether your children attend one of the Orange County public schools or a local private school, it's no secret with the ongoing battle with covid, most schools are overwhelmed from staff and teacher absences, including bus drivers and substitutes. You may be wondering how you can help and get involved at your child's school around your Full Sail apartment. We included some ways to help your child and get involved with their school.


The school day is short, and it is hard to fit in all the subjects in one day, so your child will probably bring home some form of homework. It may be hard to find time to volunteer or attend school meetings with your busy schedule at Full Sail University but helping your child at home is very beneficial. It enables you to keep track of how your child is doing and give extra help if needed. Set up an area in your apartment where the whole family can study or work together. Even just spending time reading together is a great way to continue learning at home.


Next is to ask the teacher if there is anything they need. With covid, volunteer opportunities may not be available or more limited but check with the teacher. You may be able to help in the classroom or chaperone on a field trip or come in for a special project. If your schedule with Full Sail doesn't allow time for you to help in person, the teacher may need help with things that you can do at night or on the weekends. Tasks such as organizing paperwork, helping purchase additional supplies, or monetary contributions.


No matter your available time commitment, the school will appreciate any amount of help you can offer. Ensure you receive communication from your child's school through email or phone to keep track of special events at the school or volunteer opportunities. Check correspondence from the teacher and school with your child to promote involvement. Join the PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) or another group of parents to help where you can. By demonstrating a positive connection with your child's school, you show the importance of education.


If your child is attending a public school in Orange County, you can attend a school board meeting to stay updated with current events or learn of ways to help out further. Due to covid, many districts are streaming these meetings online, and you can find information including meeting dates and agendas here. The district also offers parent academies and
trainings that are an excellent way to get involved with your child's education.

Being involved in your child's education, however you can, helps set your child up for success and show to your child that you think education is a worthwhile cause. We hope this list helps you with ideas on how to get involved in your child's education around your apartment near Full Sail. Your child's school will appreciate your help this year more than ever, whether they attend Orange County public schools or a private school in the area.

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