I want to protect my car, are there any Full Sail apartments with a garages?

So you are a car lover and are worried about it getting damaged while pursuing your degree at Full Sail. Living in an apartment complex leaves your car move vulnerable to the environment, as well as other people. Luckily for you, Full Sail apartments offer many different parking options for residents to choose from. Specifically what you should be looking for however are apartments with residential parking garages or private garages.

If you are only concerned about the environment then look into Full Sail apartments with a parking garage. An apartment such as Sterling Central offers residents a guaranteed parking spot as well as a parking garage. Florida has some intense weather, and apartments with a parking garage offer you the chance to protect your car from all the environment damage that happens to it while it sits uncovered.

No more will you have to worry about the salt from sprinklers or bugs being cooked into the paint from the harsh sun. Your car will also be much cooler, allowing you to start up your car comfortably without desperately opening the windows to breathe through the overwhelming heat. Let's also not forget how hot a seat belt buckle can get when being exposed to hot temperatures.

If you are equally as concerned about people damaging your car as much as the environment, then you will want to look into Full Sail apartments with private garages available. Apartments such as Victoria Place or Riverwind give residents their own parking spot as well as the option to have a private garage. People are prone to making mistakes, whether they are aware of them or not; some which may be damaging to your vehicle. If you care a lot about your car, this is something that needs to be taken into account.


From minor dinks to scraping off your paint, human error can account for a lot of possible damage to a car. Some people may damage your car just because they can, although it is extremely unlikely in any of the apartments near Full Sail as they are heavily monitored by security. However, things do happen and a private garage will allow you to take people out of the equation. Ensure your car's safety by making it only available to you when you are not using it. In addition, you will also protect your car from any environmental factors that may pose a threat.

Nothing will ever fully guarantee your car's safety as something can always happen. However if you care about your vehicle and want to take the best care of it as possible, then picking the right place to live can help you. Check the different Full Sail apartments out for their parking options and amenities. With a little bit of research, you can make sure that at your new home you will never have to stress out about the safety of your vehicle.

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