I’m moving into a new UCF apartment, what are my options for a day of fun in the sun?

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Arden Villas offers a great commute to UCF as well as beautiful amenities. It would be hard not to relax by this pool!

Orlando is landlocked in the center of Florida, so not only does it get hot, due to its location you can't easily escape to the breezy beach without committing to some driving time. If you are moving to the University of Central Florida area for the first time and are unfamiliar with the muggy days of summer, you will quickly fall in love with your apartment's pool and the relief it offers from the heat. Even if you are just moving to Orlando from a beach town a couple hours away, the difference in temperature between the inland areas and the more coastal towns of Florida can be great. Orlando has a lot to offer, but a nice cooling sea breeze isn't one of them.

The added convenience of being able to leisurely walk to your community pool without so much as having to put on a pair of flip flops is hard to beat. You also never have to worry about any sort of upkeep, so your pool experience can stay stress free. Since the demand is so high, there are a ton of apartments near UCF that have at least one pool, and they almost always have a fitness center to accompany them. You can easily navigate to the UCF Apartments page from the main 407apartments site to find a great apartment that has a pool. If you already know you are a huge fan of pools and want the best you can find, our UCF apartment search map allows you to narrow down your pool results to specific options such as resort-style, zero entry, and even pool cabanas.

With all this being said, while it's extremely nice to have pool access of some sort, it doesn't necessarily have to be through your apartment community. Great news, if you are a student at the University of Central Florida, you have full access to on campus facilities for everything from fitness centers, to sports courts, to pools! According to the UCF Recreation and Wellness Center membership page, "Students who have paid their Activity and Service Fee can enjoy an unlimited membership to all the RWC facilities and programs at no cost." The newly renovated wellness center offers not only a lap pool for fitness-minded individuals, but also a leisure pool for those looking to work more on their tan than for a workout. There are also public pools throughout the Orlando area, so if you are willing to drive there instead of walking from your apartment this is a valid option.

Finally, you can't forget about the water parks. Orlando is an amusement park mecca, so you are lucky enough to have multiple different parks to choose from. You can spend a Saturday afternoon flying down slides at Aquatica, pretending you're really at the beach body-surfing some waves at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, or floating down the lazy river at Disney's other park, Blizzard Beach.

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