How far away is Full Sail from UCF?

The distance between the University of Central Florida and Full Sail is only about a 7 mile difference. This is great for Full Sail students who wish to be on UCF living areas or vice versa. Being in this area makes it all the easier to make new friends and experience a collegiate life style whether you are attending a University campus or not. If you are looking for a Full Sail apartment that is in between the Full Sail area and UCF campus, try using our search tools to find a neighborhood or living space that is right in the middle of the common grounds. First, select the area on the map to determine which area you may like best. In doing this, consider the convenience and safety of the area. Do you prefer to be next to major roadways or in a more secluded part of town? Once you select this location, a bunch of living communities will appear that are located in your selected area. You can begin your search by looking into what each of these communities will offer and determine if it meets all of your criteria. Our resources will help you find the best Full Sail Off Campus Housing for you!

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