The last place I lived in had apartment sized appliance, and I didn’t realize it until I moved in. Are there apartments in Orlando with full sized appliances?

YES! This is one thing that may slip through the cracks when you are searching for a new home. You take a tour of the model and see the appliances or read in their brochure that there is a washer and dryer; however, you fail to realize that they are not the full sized appliances that many of us are used to. For singles, the smaller appliances are great because it saves on the water and power bills. For families, it’s a shock when you are doing 5-6 loads of laundry when it usually only takes you 3! To avoid this situation in the future, ask the leasing office if they have “full sized” appliances. Remember that these bigger appliances also take up more space, so be prepared for a larger percentage of your square footage to be taken up by them. Good luck!

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