Are there any Full Sail apartments with screened patios or balconies?

Photo of Bishop Park Apartments Bishop Park Apartments is near Full Sail apartments and offers screened balconies or patios.

Yes, there are three Full Sail apartment communities thathave screened patios. The three are: Cornerstone, Bishop Park and CharterPointe. Each of these apartments is within six miles of Full Sail, so you'll beliving pretty close to the campus if you decide to sign a lease at one. Havinga screened patio or balcony gives you an opportunity for great outdoor living.The outdoor space extends your available living area, gives you a chance tograb some fresh air, and can act as a hangout spot for when you invite friendsover. Additionally, having a Full Sail apartment with a screened balcony orpatio allows you to be free of annoying mosquitoes that swarm during Florida'swarm evenings.

First up is Cornerstone. While you can choose between a oneor two bedroom apartment at Cornerstone, each layout has the same sized patioor balcony. The screened balcony or patio is big enough to comfortably seat afew people, making it a great spot to entertain guests. Cornerstone's screenedbalcony or patio is located off the living room, which helps increase the sizeand feel of the communal living space in the apartment. It also helps providethe living room with tons of natural light. Cornerstone apartments also havemany other great features that make living here a pleasure. A few of thehighlights are: wood floors, a loft-style layout, walk-in closets, upgradedcountertops, private bathrooms, washer and dryer, garbage disposal anddishwasher. Full Sail students looking for an apartment with a screened balconyor patio will be very pleased with what Cornerstone has to offer.

Next on the list of Full Sail apartments with screenedbalconies or patios is Bishop Park. This apartment community is located offNorth Semoran Boulevard near the intersection with Aloma Avenue – just minutesfrom the Full Sail campus. Bishop Park Apartments has either one or two bedroomfloor plans to pick from. But just like with Cornerstone, the screened balconyor patio is roughly the same size in both floor plans. However, the two bedroom“The King” layout offers a screened balcony or patio located on the corner ofthe apartment, giving it a little more room than the other layouts. This spacecould easily hold two or three chairs and a small table. In each of BishopPark's apartments, the screened balcony or patio is attached to the livingroom. With the large sliding glass door open, the space in transformed into onelarge living area that can easily hold a big group of Full Sail friends.Additionally, the large sliding glass doors lets in lots of natural sun lightthat helps give an appealing touch to the living room. Bishop Park's otherapartment perks include: walk-in closets, extra storage space, privatebathrooms, a dishwasher, central AC and a garbage disposal.

Last but not least is Charter Pointe Apartments. CharterPointe has the biggest variety of screened balcony or patio options. Dependingon the number of bedrooms (one or two) or layout, you could get a 6x10, 8x11,12x8, or 10x15 screened balconies or patios. The larger of the options providesome of the biggest outdoor living spaces you'll come across in the area. Thisis great if you like to invite friends from Full Sail over for entertaining orparties. As with the other apartments, the screen balconies and patios at CharterPointe are located off the living room. The good thing about this positioningis the communal feel it gives off. By being attached to the living room, eachof the roommates is open to use it. This helps create a common outdoor livingarea that is perfect for socializing. Charter Pointe's other apartment featuresare: vaulted ceilings, walk-in closets, loft layout, wood floors, privatebathrooms, central AC and a dishwasher.

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