I love watching TV. Do any Full Sail apartments have premium channels included?

There are plenty of Full Sail apartments that have premium TV channels included with rent. Many of these apartments are located within five miles of the Full Sail campus. Of course, you may never want to go to class if you have so many premium channels to watch in your new apartment! I have filtered down the full list of premium TV channel apartments to the three Full Sail area apartment communities below. These three are all very close to campus, offer an amazing student living experience, and of course, have premium channels included.

First up for a great Full Sail apartment with premium channels is The Village at Alafaya Club. Alafaya club is the place to be if you love to watch TV. This Full Sail apartment community has cable TV, premium channels and internet included. Other utilities that are included are electric, water, and trash removal. The Village at Alafaya Club is located off North Alafaya Trail near the La Quinta Inn by UCF. While probably closer to UCF than Full Sail, Alafaya Club is still a very quick, convenient drive away from Full Sail. Premium channels aren't the only things you'll love about your apartment at Alafaya Club. Units here come with great features like: vaulted ceilings, walk-in closets, a balcony or patio, numerous ceiling fans, private bathrooms, and a washer and dryer. Another cool aspect about Alafaya Club is that it is located on a nature preserve!

The Pointe at Central Apartments is another great option for Full Sail students looking for premium TV channels in their new apartment. The Pointe at Central Apartments has very spacious living and bedrooms. So, not matter where you plan on watching your new premium channels you'll be sure to have plenty of space to comfy. The Pointe at Central has two floor plan options – two or four bedrooms. This makes is perfect for anyone looking to live with other Full Sail friends. Additionally, apartments at The Pointe at Central come with an awesome balcony or patio, extra storage space and private bathrooms. Once you've watched enough of your premium channels for the day, step outside and enjoy the hot tub, sand volleyball court, basketball court, nature views, picnic area or resort-style pool.

Boardwalk Apartments at Alafaya Trail is the place to be if you love TV, want premium channels, and plan to live with a bunch of your Full Sail friends. The only option of floor plans at Boardwalk is a giant four bedroom layout that has 1,500 square feet, four private bathrooms and a cool balcony or patio. The living room is large, so you can enjoy your premium channels with your roommates and still have plenty of space for yourself. The programming package at Boardwalk includes 70 cable channels and HBO included. Phone service is also available in each fully furnished room. Full Sail students looking to meet new friends can participate in the numerous resident activities Boardwalk hosts each week. Individual leases are available for each roommate, and usually go for about $575 per month, per person.
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