How is the party scene near Full Sail? What are my options for having fun in Orlando?

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Arden Villas is a popular choice for Full Sail students.

When it comes to starting your media career by attending Full Sail, probably the last thing on your mind is partying. Partying for a trade school student is more than keg stands and Day Glow parties. What a trade school student needs are places to unwind after long days on the set in the form of Happy Hours and afterhours places. Luckily, Orlando has plenty of this. To get started and figure out where your next apartment is in relation to the area, go to the 407Apartment Guide map.

The city of Orlando offers many options for Full Sail students to have fun. The city is still up and coming and full of growth in the Downtown Orlando and the East Orlando area (near Full Sail). While some of this growth can be attributed to the growth of Full Sail into a major institution, a larger portion is the influx of UCF students at the now-largest university in the country. A lot of college bars that make way for a lot of recent grads. If the college bar scene is your thing then you're in luck going to Full Sail. Located only about six miles away is UCF and college bars dot the area. Who doesn't love cheap drinks and a fun crowd every now and then?

For something a little more adult, you'll find great options downtown just minutes from your Full Sail apartment. The bars and clubs downtown have sprouted up over the years to create a fun atmosphere. Young and old, the crowd is enjoyable and people are having fun without breaking the bank.

Leave the button downs at home - the downtown area can be a very "chill" area if you want it to. There are some clubs that are great to go to after events downtown (such as after a Magic game) but the bars are the real gems of Orlando.  Some of my personal favorites are Chillers, which offer $1 drinks on Wednesdays with a beautiful rooftop bar that overlooks the city, and Cantina Downtown, which has the best Taco Tuesday in Florida. If you're looking for a cheap place to drink then BBQ Bar is a legendary option as well.

Drive over to the I-Drive area to have a blast with the tourists is an option for those working on the West side of Orlando near the studios. Ice Baris an incredibly fun area to spend your New Years at. Also consider the Universal CityWalkarea. Long nights in the studio make way for fun nights out with clients.

If upscale bars and restaurants are your thing then consider Winter Park. Winter Park is a fantastic area to come to. My favorite place in this area is the The Wine Room on Park Avenue, a great wine tasting place located next to some swanky bars.

Write some of these down. When you're done watching a Magic gameor catching a performance at the upcoming Performing Arts Center, take a walk around Lake Eola and then get ready to party because Orlando has plenty of it and many right nearby Full Sail!

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