I'm a new Full Sail student in Orlando - What are the best ways to meet other students and make friends?

Many people ask when they first move to Orlando how they can meet other Full Sail students. Full Sail is a tech school that has an incredibly diverse population of students ranging in ages. This school is also located near the largest university in the country and a host of other schools as well. That means you won't be bumping into a Full Sail student wherever you go. Since you're looking to attend school at Full Sail and live in a Full Sail apartment, you should know the best places to meet other students so you can make new friends. Near Full Sail sits about a dozen apartments scattered around the area.

While there may be plenty of apartments you may not be looking in the right place for Full Sail students. What all of these apartments have in common is that Full Sail students are not exclusively living here – UCF and Valencia College students as well!

You'll find plenty of Full Sail hangouts near the World of Beer shopping center and Buffalo Wild Wing's area across the street. While many UCF students frequent this area (especially Knight Library across the street), the crowds at World of Beer and Buffalo Wild Wings tend to be older and cater well to Full Sail students.

Many Full Sail students go downtown and to the I-Drive area where they may find themselves working. If you find a production internship or gig then you might find yourself on this side of town and meeting other students from your school. Even better, these areas are incredibly fun and tend to be where most Orlando MeetUp groups happen at.

If drinking or networking isn't your thing, spend plenty of time at Full Sail's campus. The campus has grown considerably and has a lot to do for that student just looking to get involved when you're not working crazy hours. Check out Craigslist's Ads and Facebook among other social media sources for other Full Sail students seeking help in their latest digital production. Be it filming or producing some tracks with someone, this is a great way to befriend Full Sail students.

Full Sail is an incredibly fast growing campus full of life. It's an exciting time to be a student there and you want to make as many friends and experience as many things as you can in the area. Get involved with the school, go out and network at events, get involved in other student's productions and just be open to new opportunities at Full Sail.

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