Now that I’ve moved into my Full Sail apartment and am settling in, how do I stay fit?

Everyone jokes about the "Freshman 15," but no one thinks it will happen to them. Unfortunately, it's a trope for a reason - many of us, myself included, fall into bad health habits when we get away from the high school regiment, so it's great that you're already looking for ways to stay fit and healthy while living in the apartments near Full Sail!

Side note: If you want more information on the causes behind the Freshman 15, I found this article insightful.

Several years later, I am still honing my eating and exercise habits to be healthier, but these are the fitness recommendations that have worked well for me, and that I would make to you.

  1. Find a gym or class you love. You're much more likely to do the workout you enjoy doing than the one you hate, and the most important part of any workout is that you do it. Explore different options and class-types in the area to see what resonates for you; I tried a few different fitness classes before I found Spenga, which was definitely the best fit for my workout style and what I like to do. It may be worth investing in a ClassPass, though you should also look at the fitness options available to you on campus as a Full Sail student. As well, many Full Sail apartments have their own fitness centers or fitness classes, so you might not even have to leave home to get a great workout in!
  1. Track what you eat. There are varying degrees to which you can do this, from macros to calories and everything in between. That being said, I found in college that I would often mindlessly snack while studying or grab a "fourth meal" after going out, so literally just keeping a list on my phone of what I had already eaten made me more aware of what I was putting into my body. Tracking your food intake means you're paying attention to what you eat, which can help you make smarter and healthier choices. Of course, if you're considering changing up your diet, you should definitely consult with a physician, as they'll be able to work on an individualized meal plan that sense for you.
  1. Cook at home. You spent all that time exploring Full Sail apartments with kitchen islands and glass stovetops, you may as well make them work for you! Cooking at home empowers you to make food you enjoy in a healthier way - plus, you don't have to ask your server to change five things about the dish before you can eat it. Talk to your friends and family about their favorite recipes and look at how you can prepare things so that they're better for you, like baking instead of frying. Try making easy swaps for some "less healthy" favorites, like vegetable pasta or cauliflower rice. Bonus: not only can this save you calories, but it can also save you some serious money.
  1. Give yourself goals. I have a goal of hitting 12,000 steps each day, and I use my Fitbit to track them. For you, that might be working out a certain number of times each week or being able to run 5k without stopping. Whatever your goals might be, set them and work toward them. After you've been jogging the nature trails near Full Sail apartments for a few months (or doing whatever), evaluate your goals to make sure they are evolving with you and what best aligns with the rest of your life. Most importantly, know when to cut yourself some slack. You won't always hit your fitness goals every day, and that's okay. Changes are built over time, and you'll get where you want to be eventually.

Good luck in your fitness journey - I'm rooting for you!

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