I'm thinking of commuting to Full Sail. What are the pros and cons of living in an Orlando apartment farther from campus?

The fact that Full Sail University does not have typical on-campus dorms means that students wishing to attend have a lot of research to do about apartments near Full Sail. However, with such many people seeking apartments, students can also be sure that there are many different options to choose from. This begs the question: is it better to lease an apartment closer to campus, or look at neighborhoods farther from campus? Apartments farther away may be a longer commute, but they may also have more amenities and benefits. Some apartments even offer discounts to Full Sail students. This article will help you decide where to start searching by listing some pros and cons of living within commuting distance or living in apartments near Full Sail.


Obviously, the biggest challenge with living further from Full Sail is the commute. If you don't own a car, you're almost definitely going to want to live closer to campus. There are still some alternate methods of transportation, however. A bicycle is a convenient, eco-friendly way to get to class for people who enjoy regular exercise, and you can store bags in your basket on trips to the grocery store. You can also try looking for Full Sail apartments near bus routes, and the Sunrail is a great inexpensive travel option. Lastly, if you get an apartment close enough, you can simply walk. Although beware of approaching campus from the north and west sides: the Semoran Boulevard, or SR-436, can be a busy and dangerous road with fast, heavy traffic, so mind the crosswalks.

Attractions by apartments near Full Sail

Full Sail is by no means in the middle of nowhere and has several attractions of its own. There are a variety of restaurants near campus, some of which give discounts to Full Sail students. For those who enjoy the nerdier side of life, there's a comic shop right across the street, a video game store nearby, and a bar called The Geek Easy that hosts weekly events. Sportier students can enjoy a bowling alley, a golf club, and indoor snowboarding, all located in the vicinity. For a more casual day out, there is also the Aloma Shopping Center and the Aloma Cinema Grill.

Off-campus Attractions

If you're unsatisfied with the attractions surrounding Full Sail University, there are options further from campus that may pique your interest. For example, the Winter Park area has undergone development in the past few years that has filled it with interesting shops, parks, restaurants, museums, art galleries, gardens and even a boat tour. Neighborhoods in this area are lively and beautiful. Downtown Orlando is another popular area for students of both Full Sail and UCF. Apartments here may be more expensive, but you can count on modern living and a thriving nightlife. Central Florida is unique for its variety of attractions, so choose a neighborhood with attractions that interest you.

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