What are some family friendly activities near my Orlando apartment?

Orlando apartment owners have tons of family friendly adventures to choose from. Orlando is, obviously, a tourism town tailored to a family on vacation. Disney World, Universal Studios Florida and Sea World are all right around the corner and provide a great place to take your family on a free weekend. Keep in mind, however, that these places are geared toward tourists. Expect huge crowds of people, long lines and high prices for everything from tickets to food at Orlando theme parks.

Many smaller options are available to families seeking a fun day out near their Orlando apartment. One such place is Fun Spot. Located near the Festival Bay Mall, Fun Spot is a mini theme park with go carts, a ferris wheel, hundreds of arcade games, carnival rides, and much more. Plenty to do for Orlando apartment owners! While the rides are not as fancy or as plentiful as Disney World or Universal Studios, Fun Spot provides a cheaper, less stressful option for parents who are looking to avoid the monumental task of chaperoning kids for an entire day at one of the gigantic theme parks. Orlando apartment owners should definitely check out the go karts at Fun Spot. In my opinion, this is the best part of the park. Fun Spot boasts a variety of tracks that provide plenty of fun times.

Another fun place Orlando apartment owners can take their families to is Wonder Works on International Drive. Wonder Works is exciting before you get in the door. The building was constructed to look as if an entire building was picked up (as if by a tornado), turned upside down, and dropped on top of another building. It's quite the site for Orlando apartment owners to show their kids. Wonder Works is contained in one huge building and has floors and floors of rides, activities, arcade games, scientific exhibits and ways for kids to not only have fun, but learn a few things, too. However, if you really want your family to have a great time I would suggest the laser tag. Individuals battle it out in a maze of walls and obstacles with laser guns in hand.

One last suggestion for a fun day out with your family in Orlando would be at Pirate's Cove mini golf course. Orlando apartment owners will have a blast with their family at this pirate-themed mini golf utopia. Pirate's Cover offers up two courses, both 18 holes each, with one a bit more difficult than the other. Orlando apartment owners can easily find Pirate's Cove right down the street from Wonder Works.

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