I’d like to improve my physical health overall. What are some fun physical activities to do around UCF?

While some people enjoy having a gym membership and working with gym equipment, others may be interested in lighter, more casual physical activity that is varied enough to keep things interesting! Apartments near UCF will bring residents close to several opportunities for exercise and improvement of physical health that don't have to involve a gym membership. You'll find so many creative ways to keep moving and get a bit of exercise into your daily routine. In fact, there are many exercises you can do directly inside your apartment. Keep reading to jump start your plan to get moving and improve your health.

Many UCF apartments offer spacious floor plans in a variety of options. Although you won't need too much space for exercise inside your home, you can always choose a floor plan that will accommodate your needs. One great option for working out at home is purchasing videos or looking up free exercise videos online. Think about your exercise goals and research the type of physical activity you would be interested in before you choose a particular style. One popular type of exercise is called High Intensity Interval Training. It appeals to individuals who are always on the go since they are generally much shorter exercises with higher intensity. When doing cardio inside your apartment, make sure your neighbors are not disturbed by any the jumping if you are on a higher floor. In my experience, neighbors have been very accommodating or provided me times and days during the week that they would not mind cardio exercises right above them! If you'd prefer not to hop around, you can also look up weight training videos that only involve a small pair of dumbbells at home. You can always switch the size of the dumbbells depending on your fitness goals.

For a lighter workout with the potential for some great health benefits, you can also look into a daily yoga routine. Although apartments near UCF are close to some fantastic yoga studios, you don't have to join a group class to enjoy the benefits of yoga. If you have never done yoga before, make sure you start with a beginner's video to ease yourself into the routine. It may seem difficult at first, but it can be a wonderful, relaxing habit that will help you distress after a long day and keep you feeling refreshed.

For some exercise combined with fresh air, running, jogging, or walking can be a great activity to do around UCF apartments. If running or walking more is one of your goals after the move, you can schedule a tour with any of the communities you are interested in to check out the availability of running or walking trails close to your new home. It can be easier to keep up with this exercise if you don't have to venture far from home! To find out more about UCF apartments, use our search function to filter for amenities and features and find the perfect place for you!

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