How do I find eco-friendly Orlando apartments?

Many people focus on finding Orlando apartments with amenities like elevators and washers and dryers, but not you. Instead, you're looking for green apartments in Orlando, ones that would make Kermit the Frog quite happy. Fortunately, while it may not be easy being green, it is very easy to find eco-friendly apartments with the help of the apartment guide.

How, you may ask? It's simple. The first thing you do is make your way to the homepage and keep an eye out for the big, green button that says "Find Your Apartment." You shouldn't miss it, even if you are distracted by all the other nifty goings-on covering the front page (no worries, you can come back and check them out later). Once you click the button, you'll find yourself in the heart of the apartment guide. Here, you have literally hundreds of options to choose from as you narrow down your search for the eco-friendliest Orlando apartments there are.

You're going to make your way to the bottom of the page. Yes, the bottom. You may think you've run out of options to choose from, but we're just getting started. Click on "Show advanced filters" to get an expanded menu that will help you find those green apartments in Orlando. The "Green Efforts" category ought to do the trick. Give the blue plus sign next to it a click, and you'll be rewarded with a drop down list of things to choose from. Are you looking for whether they have paper, glass or plastic recycling options available? Maybe you'd prefer if they used low energy lighting or were LEED certified. These options and more are yours to choose from; all you have to do is check "Yes" next to whatever you're looking for, and the search will refine itself to only include apartments in Orlando that meet your green specifications.

If you also enjoy living close to an environmentally friendly options, whether it be a shop or a recycling plan, you can even adjust your search to include that. This time, make your way to the apartment guide and select the "Distance from a Location" feature. It will allow you to input the address of the place you'd like to live near - farmers' market, anyone? - and then adjust the distance away from it you're willing to live. You can adjust the range between 0 and 50 miles (Remember to work with both sides of that adjustment!), so you can rest assured that the Orlando apartments you're seeing are also close to your green efforts.

As I mentioned earlier, it's not easy being green; that's what makes it all the more admirable that you're searching for it. Fortunately for you, it has never been easier to find affordable apartments in Orlando that celebrate the environment. With our help, you can find a place that's just as eco-friendly as you are.

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