What’s so bad about staying home?

Throughout the nation there has been a trend of increasing online classes, and UCF is no exception. There are students who live in apartments near UCF, and they never go to campus because their entire course load is on the Internet. In some cases, this causes a situation where a student might never really have the need to leave their apartment, even for an entire day.

Spending an entire day at your apartment is alright to do every once in a while, but when it becomes a habit it becomes a problem. Not only can a problem like this affect your health, it can eventually take over your life.

When you never have to leave your home, you may find you telling yourself failing in the hygiene department. You aren't going anywhere, so why do you need to take a shower or even shave? On the rare occasion that do go out you may clean up; but, if you live a lifestyle like this for too long, eventually you won't.

Your newly found laziness might seep into other parts of your life as well. When you are not taking care of yourself in one way, you often find that you'll stop taking care of yourself in other ways as well. Your lack of grooming could turn into lack of exercising. Even with most UCF apartments providing great fitness amenities literally a minute walk away, you will find yourself not wanting to make the effort.

It's not only your physical health that might suffer, but your mental health as well. As you find yourself staying home more, you are far more likely to develop a case of depression. Not only does the human body need some room to move around in, but your brain does as well.

Depression is a vicious cycle, and it's something that you definitely do not want to get caught up in. The more you stay in the more depressed you will get, and the more depressed you will get the more you will want to stay in. It might seem silly, but it's not. Many people find themselves trapped, even getting to the extreme that they become afraid to leave. UCF apartments are pretty nice, but never wanting to leave is a scary situation.

All of this may seem ridiculous to many of you reading it, especially if you have never experienced anything similar. If you can't relate to anything in this article that that's a good thing; hopefully it means you are occupying your life and socializing.

For those of you who may find themselves starting to enter this situation, or if you are going to be taking all online classes for the first time, I advise you to be more aware. Make sure you get out and do things; if you have to study a lot go to the library or work out at the school gym rather than at fitness centers in UCF apartments. It's much easier to avoid the hole than it is to climb out.

If you are already caught up, there is no need to despair. It might be annoying, but make sure to make some changes in your routine to get yourself out more. It may take a while, but eventually you'll go back to living at UCF apartments rather depending on them.

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