What does controlled access mean in my UCF apartment?

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Campus Crossings has a gate at the front of the community with a security hut.

Controlled access in your UCF apartment can mean two different things depending on the apartment; however, essentially controlled access means that you need to do something special to gain access to your apartment. Controlled access is meant to keep unwanted visitors and solicitation out of the apartment community. While no one can ever guarantee your safety in the world we live in today, apartments that offer controlled access do take on a bit more effort to keep your safety in mind. Another word you might see associated with controlled access UCF apartments is “gated community.”

One of the more common methods of controlled access is a gate around the community. Many gates are code activated and you will be given your own personal code to access the gate. Don’t share your code unless the apartment manager has provided you with a guest code. If that’s the case never give your personal code out, only the guest code. While not as common, you will find that some of the best UCF apartments have a guard at the gate. Under these circumstances you will be provided with some sort of clicker that you press before the gates and they will open for just enough time to get your car through. When you have guests over with a guarded gate chances are you will have to call ahead of time to let them know whose coming and your guests will be asked to provide identification at the gate to prove that it’s them.

Controlled access could also imply that your UCF apartment building itself is controlled with a key fob. A key fob is a small hardware device that may look similar to a car key or key card. What the device does is make sure that only the people living in your UCF apartment building have access to the building itself even if they have access to the grounds around the apartment building. Since it’s a physical device and can be stolen, a key fob uses two-factor authentication to keep unwanted guests out of your apartment building. You will have to use the key fob at a device located near the door, after you’ve swiped or scanned it you will then be prompted to enter a pin. Enter the correct pin, and the doors will open. While it may seem courteous to hold the door and let people follow in after you, it can actually be dangerous. So unless you know for sure they’re a resident at your UCF apartment I would think twice about letting someone in just to be courteous.

Having controlled access at your UCF apartment can go a long way into making your living arrangement more convenient. As mentioned before no one can guarantee your safety but it may provide you with some small piece of mind knowing that your UCF apartment is trying their best to keep their residents safe with controlled access technology.

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