My friend told me that the on campus dorms kick all the students out over winter vacation. Will apartments in Orlando do the same thing?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Your place is your place and you make the rules (to a certain extent)! On campus in the dorms you share a bathroom with the floor, you have a RA sneaking around making sure you are following the rules, and your roommate are literally your ROOMmates. If you opt to rent your own place you won’t have to worry about any of this. You may have roommates but they won’t actually be in the same room. Chances are you will have your own bathroom but if you don’t you definitely won’t be sharing with 20-30 people. And while there are community rules and lease terms you have to abide by, apartment leasing staff treat you like a renter and adult; they won’t be spying on you and trying to see who you have over. While living in a dorm is a great experience and an awesome way to make friends, renting your own place comes with much more freedom and ease, and you WON’T get kicked out during winter break!

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