I want to live near a coffee shop - Are there are any coffee shops in the UCF area?

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Boardwalk is located close to some of the best coffee options near ucf campus.

Living near a college means a lot of late night study sessions. When you aren't forcing yourself to study late nights you are trying to muster the energy to get out of the house. What every college student needs is access to a reliable coffee shops.

East Orlando has new establishments popping up every second. Consequently of not being an urban area, coffee shops may be lacking in certain areas. It's important to know what areas offer coffee shops and even what apartment communities offer coffee stations.

The most reliable method of living near a coffee shop is having one of these stations right in your living community. Go to 407Apartment's Orlando Apartments Guide page and go right down to "Community Features". From there go to "Coffee Bar" and see what comes up. As of now there are no coffee bars in the UCF area at an apartment community but keep an eye out. New apartments near universities try to offer a coffee bar option for students and this is very popular in more traditional college towns like Gainesville.

Other than the uber-convenient coffee bar option, keep an eye out for apartments that offer a "Clubhouse" and "Wi-Fi in the common area". These are options that you can also filter under the Community Features.

If you're looking for the kind of break from your apartment that hasto involve there are tons of options:

On-Campus Student Union
The easiest option when living on-campus. The UCF Student Union has places for buying coffee and casual studying.

Coffee Shops Near UCF
Urban Spoon lists the best coffee shops in the area including good old Starbucks and local favorites like Joffrey's Coffee. Here's a list of local ones and their address. Use the address to input into the Orlando Apartment Guide and compare distances to the apartments listed on the map.

Seattle's Best Coffee
4000 Central Florida Boulevard (Campus)

Joffrey's Coffee and Tea
4000 Central Florida Boulevard (Campus)

Natura Coffee and Tea
12078 Collegiate Way

Java City
4000 Central Florida Boulevard(Campus)

First Watch
3402 Technological Avenue

4650 North Alafaya Trail

Einstein Bros Bagels
4000 Central Florida Blvd(Campus)

There are other options as well but these are my personal favorites. You can see the full list at Urban Spoon here. Also try searching on Google Maps as coffee shops are popping up left and right as new students move in the area.

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