What do I need to do to throw a party in the clubhouse at my Full Sail apartment?

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Full Sail apartments are a great place to invite some friends over for a chill day to lounge around the resort style pools or watch some movies in your apartment. But a chill day is not always what one needs. Sometimes one needs to go all out, and throw a party. Whether the party is to celebrate your birthday, the end of exams, or maybe even your graduation from Full Sail, having a place to actually throw one can be quite an amazing amenity. Luckily Full Sail clubhouses especially in student apartments are a great place to host a party, for pretty much any occasion you could possibly think of.

There are a few steps one will have to take before throwing a party in their Full Sail apartment’s clubhouse. The first thing you should do is come up with an initial list of people you would like to attend the party. Once you’ve come up with an initial list check your community’s policy on the number of guests they allow for parties in the clubhouse. You may have to compromise on the amount of people that can attend your clubhouse party. But then again, you may find that you can invite more people than you originally planned; leaving opportunity for your guests to invite a close friend or significant other. After that, find out if your community requires a deposit for the clubhouse and what the amount is, that way you can plan ahead.

Once you’ve gotten those initial steps out of the way there are a few more things you should inquire about with your Full Sail apartment community. If they don’t have a policy on the number of guests that you invite, you should check to make sure what the clubhouse’s maximum occupancy is. Since there will be fire codes in place it’s of the utmost importance that you pay attention to the maximum occupancy for the clubhouse. You should also check to see if the clubhouse has any restricted hours before setting an official time and date for your party. As well as checking for any specific rules the clubhouse may have because you might want to list big issues on the invitations.

Once you’ve got all of the initial rules and planning figured out you can begin to invite your guests! When you reserve the clubhouse chances are they will ask for a deposit; but if you followed these steps you should already know that! You will also more than likely have to sign an agreement for your party as well. Usually the agreement will state your responsibilities as well as what will happen if you or your guests cause any damage to the clubhouse.

Once all of that is set in motion and the day of the party comes, just have fun! However, it is incredibly important that you clean up after yourself in your Full Sail apartment clubhouse. Don’t leave trash lying around and don’t wreck anything in the clubhouse. Be sure to thoroughly clean the clubhouse when the party is over. Do not leave any trash behind.

Having a party in your Full Sail apartment can be fun and exciting. It just takes a little bit of patience and planning but you and your friends and/or family can have the time of your lives in your Full Sail apartment’s clubhouse.

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