How do I keep up with cleaning and chores in UCF apartments?

Some residents may be living on their own or with roommates for the first time in University of Central Florida apartments. Other residents may want a fresh start on maintaining a clean and tidy apartment. Regardless of your circumstances, moving to UCF apartments is a great opportunity to develop a strategic and efficient schedule and maintain a comfortable, mess-free environment. It can also be much easier to pack up and move out once your lease is up, especially if you plan to sign up for a 12-month lease.

What are some tips for cleaning UCF apartments?

Whether you're living on your own or looking for UCF apartments with roommate matching available, chances are that you'll have to clean more than just your bedroom! A regular schedule for keeping your apartment clean and sanitary can help you avoid losing some your deposit, dealing with pests and more difficult cleaning tasks. Below are a few tips for different areas in your UCF apartment.

  • Bedroom: It is important to regularly wash your sheets to avoid irritating your skin and to maintain a fresh and pleasant smell. A good schedule is to wash them at least every other week. If you have a ceiling fan or other light fixtures, don't forget to dust them regularly to get rid of thick buildup. This applies to desks, computers, TVs and other electronics that can be damaged from too much dust.
  • Bathroom: Cleaning your bathroom frequently is ideal if you want to keep it spotless and shiny. There are several bathroom cleaning accessories that can do some of the work for you. For example, you can add automatic toilet bowl cleaners in between deeper cleaning jobs. Remember to clean the showerhead, faucet, toothbrush holder and bathmats in addition to the typical bathroom fixtures.
  • Kitchen: To make the most out of your kitchen, keep it clean! This means spotless and vacuumed tiles, cleaning the sink and garbage disposal, wiping down stovetops, occasionally cleaning the inside of the stove and removing debris from countertops. Avoid leaving out dirty dishes and letting them pile up. UCF apartments with dishwashers can be very helpful with this task.

How do I tidy up my UCF apartment?

Aside from keeping things clean and germ-free, keeping your space free of clutter can significantly benefit your daily routine. One of the best systems for organizing and picking up after yourself is to do it on a daily basis, rather than waiting until the job is more demanding and time-consuming. Taking a few moments to clean up your current mess is much better than trying to tackle everything at once.

Remember the saying: "a place for everything, and everything in its place?" This is a great concept to apply when organizing your apartment. If you're tired of losing items (especially expensive ones) and having to replace them, an efficient system for organization can be life-changing. Even studio apartments benefit from thoughtful organization systems. For example, this HGTV article has some great tips on organizing smaller apartments.

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