What are some of the best activities for young children near Orlando apartments?

Children have a lot of energy and most of the time, parents are trying to do more things with their kids on their time off. The way to satisfy both desires is to find activities in the Orlando area that both kids and adults or families can do together. Luckily Orlando is a huge tourist city with multiple world-renowned theme parks, resorts, and activities, which makes finding something everyone will enjoy super easy to do!

These activities can be time-consuming and costly due to rising popularity, limited reservation availability, and traffic near Orlando apartments. Searching up coupons on Groupon, other deals online and in-store, and budgeting accordingly can all help lower the cost of going out and having memorable times with your children.

Visit the Best Theme Parks Close to Apartments in Orlando

Some reasons to take yourself and your kids to a theme park near Orlando apartments include: going on roller coasters, experiencing family-friendly dining options that won't dirty your upgraded kitchen, fully stocked bars for the adults who enjoy drinks, holiday parades, and so much more!

Walt Disney World

Some of your child's and your favorite cartoons and animated characters came from the great mind of Walt Disney himself. A whole theme park with interactive rides, shows, musicals, and experiences for kids is a dream come true. Your kids will never forget their first experience at Disney World, which has multiple huge parks full of things to see and do.

Universal Studios Orlando

For children who are a little older and can go on rollercoasters, Universal Studios Orlando has so much to offer. Your kid's first intense roller coaster experiences will probably happen here. From superheroes to animations and characters in their favorite movies, you can pretty much see them all and buy from the amazing gift shops selling incredible take-home souvenirs of your favorite characters.

Plus, there are a lot of great resorts with huge pools that will make Orlando apartments with pools seem small and less exciting.

Experience Beautiful Nature and Animal Attractions Near Orlando Apartments

Kids and adults love animals. If you have a pet-friendly apartment in Orlando and the only experience your kid has had with animals is a domestic pet, giving them a unique chance to interact with aquatic and land animals they've never seen before is a must! Plus, seeing animals is appropriate for any age group, including yours!

SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium

This place found at ICON park has affordable admission pricing and offers access to seven different attractions, including one of the best: the SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium. They house multiple species of turtles, fish, and sharks, a perfect opportunity for your children to learn more about creatures that live under the sea.

Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Getting to experience both exotic animals and beautiful flowers in one day is an unforgettable and unique experience. Not only can you see animals and plant life, but they also host visuals with live bands, music, food, and other kid-friendly activities.

Just plan a day to take your kids out of Orlando apartments to experience a plethora of fun games, activities, and pastimes. 

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