What celebrations are happening near my Orlando apartment this Spring?

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Events are happening all over the city, it's your chance to attend!

Near Orlando apartments and throughout Florida, Spring has arrived, and the temperature is certainly rising. With this change, many Floridians are getting out of the house and participating in festivals and celebrations. Whether it be a festival, play, or city event, there are so many ways to get out and have fun in Orlando this Spring. You might have been wondering how you can get involved, whether the events are free or not, and when they take place. I've compiled a small list of different places and events near the UCF campuses and all-around apartments in Orange County to make your springtime a little bit brighter!

Orlando Main Campus

I will be reviewing events and celebrations from around the Orlando area. First, I wanted to start with the University of Central Florida main campus. If you live in an apartment near the UCF main campus, this is the most convenient list for you.

The UCF campus has many events that students would enjoy. Some upcoming UCF events include the UCF Alumni Showcase, the UCF Band Ensemble, and different sports events, including baseball. The UCF events page shows many opportunities to participate in on-campus culture. It also gives details of the events and where they are located. If you are a student, you are often able to RSVP for these events as well.

Downtown Orlando Campus

If you have an apartment near the UCF Downtown campus, or plan to move there, there are many events that can capture your attention this season.

Many UCF events downtown take place at the Doctor Phillips Center in Orlando. Their website also lists many theater and celebratory events happening soon. If you bookmark these kinds of websites, then you can keep track of different events over time. Upcoming events include UCF Opera, Into the Woods performances, and even performances for younger children.

If you move south, through Orlando to theme park areas, the Visit Orlando website shows many events throughout Orlando, including theme park celebrations. You can also visit the websites of different theme parks specifically to find out what events are occurring. Like with many cities, there are social media accounts for Orlando and its events.

When it comes to staying active in your community, consistency is key. Following the city on social media and bookmarking websites that list current city events will ensure that your calendar is always full. The benefit of living in a city as large as Orlando guarantees that you won't normally have to travel far to find a celebration specific to your interests.

The beauty of Spring comes with many food festivals and celebrations of new growth. Depending upon if you celebrate holidays such as Easter, many cities also have holiday celebrations and games at their events. With Florida temperatures returning to normal, there has never been a better time to get out and participate in events that could bring you joy. City events are nothing without their patrons, and you could be one of them! So, feel free to do your research using some of the provided links and get celebrating near your Orlando apartment today!

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