I’m bringing a cat or would like to adopt a cat in my new apartment. What can I do to make apartment living entertaining and safe for cats?

If you're thinking about bringing your cat or adopting one after your move to apartments near UCF, there are a few steps you can take to ensure a great apartment living experience for both you and your pet. Cats can make wonderful companions that thrive and live happy lives indoors, especially if you create an enriching, comfortable environment that will help keep them mentally and physically healthy. Whether you are interested in one or two cats, there are several pet-friendly UCF apartments that allow residents to keep an average of 2-3 cats. If you're interested in a particular community, you can always give the leasing office a call for details about their pet policy

One of the first things to consider when bringing a cat to UCF apartments is the placement of food, water, and the litter box. Many people prefer to keep the food and water dishes inside the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom. These items can be placed on an absorbent mat or on a decorative rug. Dishes are available in a variety of colors, styles, and shapes, so you can always get something that matches your décor! Although the litter box is often tucked away out of sight, you can always get creative and embellish the standard model by placing it inside wooden furniture or covering it with an ornamental fabric garnish. If you would like to get a better idea of the unit floor plans, you can view each community's floor plan layouts and options on our website. This might help you plan better for the placement of these items.

To keep your cat entertained, it may be a good idea to acquire a cat condo or “tree” that they can use to climb, scratch, or lounge. UCF apartments are near Petsmart, Petco, and other stores that sell beautiful, carpeted cat condos that will blend right in with your furniture. If you are not interested in a full size cat condo, other options include smaller scratch pads and window perches. You can also find scratch pads that hang from the doors in your unit to discourage inappropriate scratching of furniture and carpeting. For additional entertainment options, you can create a small toy area inside your apartment for your cat to enjoy. Fill a basket with crinkle toys, catnip plushies, and rolling balls to give your cat some exercise. You can even use a laser pointer and watch your cat run laps around your new place!

UCF apartments are perfect for current or future cat owners who want to make the best out of their new living environment. Your cat might love certain amenities like a screened patio, large windows, and two-story apartments with stairs. To search for apartments with these features and more, use the search function on our website to find the best place for you and your furry companion!

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