How do I maintain a clean carpet in Orlando apartments?

Moving into a new place means a freshly cleaned carpet or even a brand new one, depending on the Orlando apartments you choose. After you settle in, you may be concerned about maintaining a stain-free, fresh-smelling carpet, especially in pet-friendly apartments with a dog, cat or other animal. Whether you're concerned about pet stains or just want to put your best foot forward, you can use the tips and tricks below to keep the carpet looking good as new during your stay at Orlando apartments.

What can I do to prevent damage and staining of the carpet in Orlando apartments?

The best way to keep the carpet looking pristine is to avoid preventable accidents in the first place. If you plan to live with roommates, it is important to set a few related ground rules, especially regarding the shared areas in the apartment. Some residents prefer to keep all bigger meals, like lunch and dinner, at the dining room table only. This is because bigger dishes that contain sauces and require cutting are more likely to spill and cause a mess on your couch or carpet. You can also look for apartments with upgraded kitchens featuring kitchen islands, as this could provide an extra eating area in your home for a quick bite.

Messy projects could also cause stains or damage to Orlando apartments with carpet. If you're a DIY-er, you may want to look for apartments with a balcony or patio so you'll have outdoor space and a concrete surface where you can work on messier projects.

If you plan to eat away from the dining table, you can still take a few precautions to reduce the likelihood of spilling something on the carpet. If you order takeout food or anything in plastic, soft containers, transfer your food to a deeper, sturdier plate and use silverware rather than plastic utensils. You may want to place a rug over the carpet near the coffee table or couch since it would be easier to clean or replace. Try not to leave full glasses on the edge of tables or on the floor as they will be toppled over much easier.

Residents moving into dog or cat friendly apartments are probably familiar with pet accidents! While surprise accidents can always happen anyway, residents with cats can protect the carpet area around litter boxes with large plastic mats. In addition, covered litter boxes are great at keeping everything inside. Both dogs and cats can pick up the bad habit of scratching carpet, so make sure to train your dog early and keep extra scratching posts and pads to distract your cat.

How do I take care of a carpet mess after it happens?

No matter how careful you are, sometimes you will have to deal with a spill on the carpet. The most important tip to follow is to clean it up immediately, rather than waiting for the stain to settle in. This involves quick thinking and having a few key items in stock. There are different techniques and solutions for each type of stain. For example, the stain could be acidic, oily, sticky or organic. While cleaners bought at the store can take care of general spills and even pet accidents, you should also be prepared to use additional methods for spot-cleaning certain types of accidents. This Martha Stewart article on how to clean and care for rugs and carpets provides useful tips for spot-cleaning and stain removal.

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