What are nice biking trails near my UCF apartment?

With all the extra time that quarantine has gifted us, now is the best time to get out of your UCF apartment and discover some new biking trails. The University of Central Florida is lucky to be surrounded by biking trails that highlight Florida's natural beauty. With all the extra time that COVID-19 has handed us, there is no better time and to enjoy a nice bike ride away from your UCF apartment.  


Inside UCF's campus is 14 miles of hidden treasure for bike lovers. The trail goes through 20 different habitats and makes for the perfect biking trail. It is ideal for getting away from the stresses of campus or even just the city. The path is open all year round except on weekends and major holidays from sunrise to sunset. Due to COVID-19, there are some restrictions on the hours of operation, so be sure to keep updated with UCF's website linked here. Arboretum has the perk of accessibility to campus and at the foot of your UCF apartment. The Arboretum is also dog friendly—so long as they are on a leash—meaning you and your dog can both enjoy a breath of fresh air.  

Little Econ Greenway  

A beloved spot by many nature lovers is Little Econ Greenway as it takes you through a butterfly garden and if you're lucky a run-in with some wildlife. Little Econ Greenway is a relatively shorter bike trail, spanning almost 8 miles. It is the perfect trail to avoid the afternoon rush hour traffic and get away from campus. The trail starts in Alafaya Trail and will eventually link with UCF's campus. For more information on park hours of operation and any COVID-19 related news, visit the Orange County's website linked here.

Lake Baldwin Trail  

Lake Baldwin Park sits near Orlando VA Medical Center and Orlando International Airport. The trail circles around Lake Baldwin. The bike trail connects to Cady Way Trail, another popular bike trail in Orlando. Lake Baldwin is a relatively short bike trail, spanning a total of 2.5 miles. However, it is still as enjoyable as the rest. It is a perfect trail for a pleasant view of the lake. On a sunny day, you could be lucky enough to see Gators sunbathing near the lake as you bike around. A shopping center also surrounds the trail if you want to grab a quick bite for lunch. Lake Baldwin is an ideal trail for a quick, spontaneous day bike ride away from your apartment bedroom.  

The University of Central Florida's campus is blessed to have so many bike-friendly places at such proximity. Even better, most bike trails have connectors that lead to one another. It is easy to switch your car for your bike on given days because of this. If you're looking for an even more extensive list of bike trails in Orlando, be sure to check out BikeOrlando, linked here, which lists 30 different paths. They also organized it by county. Whether you plan to bike to relieve stress or to enjoy the extra time on your hands, you're sure to enjoy these eye-catching trails.

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