How can I be a better roommate in apartments near UCF?

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Even if you have a one-person bedroom, it is important to become a better roommate and engage with your roommates.

As this semester at the University of Central Florida is progressing, you've probably spent a significant amount of time in your apartment near UCF. You've also already met your roommates and gotten to know them. However, you might have asked yourself throughout the year how you can be a better roommate, or formulated ways others could be. Remember, it's never too late to positively alter your living situation and your roommate relationships. Here are some crucial, easy steps to intrinsically improve your shared space.


One of the hardest parts of being a roommate is knowing when to openly communicate with your roommates and when to give them space. If socializing with your roommates is important to you, remember to create fun, open discussion. It could also help to suggest game nights, or social nights, when you and your roommates have free time you would like to spend together in your UCF apartment. Don't forget, you could always invite your roommates to a day at your nearby Orlando theme parks!

Always remember not to shut anyone out. It can be easy to unintentionally exclude certain roommates from activities. This could happen for a multitude of reasons. Maybe you just don't click as well with each other, or perhaps they have a different class schedule than everyone else. If you notice this separation happening, make sure to take the extra step to include them in group activities. They will most certainly appreciate it.

Cleaning and Organization

It can be very difficult, especially when you've never been a roommate before, to stay clean and organized in your apartment near UCF. If you are looking for an apartment and know that cleanliness is important to you, consider an apartment with stainless steel appliances, or even a dishwasher.

Remember that starting with your own room (or shared room) is important. Regularly clean your own space, improving your cleaning skills and creating a positive atmosphere. It is also important to keep shared spaces (living room, kitchen, etc.) clean. If you notice problems with other roommates cleaning, this is where open communication is key to resolving issues. It could also help to have sit-down chats with your roommates, similar to the ones set up by on-campus housing. This will create a non-judgmental space to talk about issues or frustrations.

Getting Out of the House

One great thing you can do as a roommate is to not get cabin fever. While leaving your UCF apartment once in a while gives your roommates some space and privacy, it also gives you much needed alone time. Apartments near UCF have amazing nature trails and finding an apartment with nearby amenities would strengthen your desire to explore the amazing city of Orlando.

Other Alternatives

Perhaps you have tried all of the above steps and not found success. Or maybe you feel that your roommates are not putting in as much effort as you are. That is okay, and some things remain out of your control. Luckily, if you ever feel like having your own space is what is necessary for you, apartments near UCF have great 1-bedroom and studio apartment options.

I hope these suggestions will help you and your roommates succeed at creating a wholesome, friendly and cooperative environment while you are living together. Remember that the cooperative part is key, and that nothing can be fixed without good communication.

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