When is the best time to sign a lease in Orlando, Florida?

Conventional Non-Student Apartments

Signing a New Conventional Lease

4 Months Out

We recommend beginning to evaluate your Orlando apartment options approximately 4 months prior to your desired move-in date. Perhaps you've traveled to the area or have visited some great Orlando neighborhoods recently. Maybe you performed some online searches for properties that have caught your eye. This is a great time to begin to focus your search. Running some numbers and determining your budget for housing is another great step to take at this stage. Utilize our neighborhood guides to learn more about the many communities around Orlando that may fit with your budget and lifestyle. Then, it's time to get out there! It's wise to drive or walk around neighborhoods that interest you and feel out aspects of the community to may call home. Create a list of up to 10 options for further discovery in the coming months.

3 Months Out

Now that you've completed some research, you'll have a much better feel for the neighborhoods that could feel like home. This is a great time to begin touring apartment homes! Pick 3 to 5 properties that are your favorites and that check particular boxes such as amenity requirements, provide a quick commute to work, or are near favorite weekend hangout spots. Be open-minded and take your time evaluating your likes and dislikes as you tour different properties. Also, keep in mind that within reason, now is the time to consider if you have any wiggle room in your budget to better meet your housing needs.

2 Months Out

Approximately 60 days out from your move-in date, leasing offices will have a very good idea of their projected availability. This is the time to get serious about securing your housing so go ahead and apply for your lease. We do recommend seriously considering if you're comfortable signing a lease 60 days out from your move-in date since there is a chance your desired apartment community will have availability and, in that case, it's wise to go ahead and secure it by signing your lease.

30 Days Out

Don't fear! You may not have had four months to leisurely shop for an apartment, but you can still find a wonderful place to call home in a short amount of time. Just be prepared to sign up for the "fast track plan". Clear your schedule (weekends are great) and plan to research and pound the pavement looking for housing. This is the opportune time to determine if you have any absolute non-negotiable items or needs like a pet-friendly apartment or an included washer and dryer. Identify a few non-negotiables like pet-friendly policies and a washer and dryer included. Take tours, use the robust search features offered here on 407apartments.com and be ready to hit the ground running! Also, you should be ready to sign a lease now. You are easily within 30 days (or less) of your move-in date so if your desired home has availability, be ready to sign and secure your lease.

Signing a Renewal Lease for A Conventional Property

While leases are all different, you can begin to inquire about availability 90 days from your renewal date. At the 60-day mark, you should be prepared to sign a lease renewal, or you will risk losing availability. This is the perfect time to reflect on questions such as: Am I happy in my current home? Does my rent price seem fair? Is the community safe and convenient? Could I afford housing with better amenities for the same price? Let your instincts guide you in determining if a lease renewal or if shopping for a new home is the way to go.

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