Which UCF area apartments are best if I want to live next to the bars?

If you're moving from a major city one of the first things you'll notice is that a mass transit system is simply out of the question in Orlando. While UCF offers great public transportation options for nearby apartments, you still want to live near the bars for a safe, fun time in college!

First of all, if you're under 21 and don't plan on turning 21 then don't bother reading further… Okay, good.

East Orlando near the UCF area has several main areas where bar-goers congregate. You first want to identify which area you're looking to frequent as a student and what apartments are located nearby. Campus features some actual bars but if you plan on going out with friends to off-campus watering holes then first figure out which area that is.

University Blvd Area
Right where University Blvd and Alafaya Trl intersect used to sit the largest area for going out in the UCF area. Knight Library, Lazy Moon and more bars were the talk of the area. Here you used to see endless supply of students ready to spend their hard earned pocket change on penny beer. Now that this area has been paved over for less green pastures you need to look at apartments nearby the new Knight Library location about a mile west of Alafaya Trl on University Blvd.
Favorite Bar: World of Beer
Runner-Up: Knight Library

Alafaya Trl / McCulloch Rd/Gemini Blvd
At the northwest border of UCF are two shopping centers - One up-and-coming and the being there for years. At the Publix shopping center on the East side is Moat, a great tailgating-style bar and several apartments both across the street and behind the shopping center. About a quarter mile south, where Alafaya Trl meets Gemini Blvd is a new shopping center where most students are taking their business now. Plenty of new bars here will have you satisfied for years to come living right by off of Gemini Blvd.
Favorite Bar: Too new to judge!
Runner-Up: Moat isn't the best in the area but it's not bad

East Colonial Dr / Alafaya Trl
At the intersection here is several shopping centers. On the Southwest side lays a few bars and a few that closed such as Scoop. At the Northeast corner by the Publix is a Devaney's Too, which is popular with students. Apartment complexes in this area are further from campus but right behind these bars and easily within walking distance. Make a conscious effort to identify if it's worth driving/commuting to school everyday if the bars are worth it.
Favorite Bar: Jake & Micky's
Runner-Up: Devaney's Too

Waterford Lakes
Even further south from campus is a new crop of bars on the West side of Waterford Lakes Complex and older, more established bars on the East side. This is a great place to live if you're an older student or aren't into going to class everyday. New bars sprout up here all the time and there's always something to do in this area. Also, apartments are nice and affordable too.
Favorite Bar: Friendly Confines
Runner-Up: Brew (that's seriously the name)

UCF is making waves in the college scene. Bars are sprouting up and student community apartments are coming up with them. Look to live in an Orlando apartment complex that doesn't sit too far from your favorite watering hole as you will be tempted to drive (and consequently drink) if you're too far. My recommendation is to stay close to campus and venture south if that area bores you after the freshman and sophomore year. To identify the best Orlando apartments nearest to your favorite bars take a look at the map at the 407Apartments Guide and put the address in to the location setting.

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