How can I deal with traffic near UCF apartments better?

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M North is right in the heart of UCF's downtown campus, perfect for anyone looking for a short commute in Orlando traffic.

Now that school is back in session near the University of Central Florida, traffic has gotten a whole lot heavier. When the roads are clogged with pedestrians and cars, it seems impossible to maintain a normal schedule and make it to important appointments near UCF apartments on time. If you are worried about this, I am here to reassure you that having a busy schedule while handling Orlando traffic is a doable do.

With a little bit of prior planning and consideration, you can make it to the places you need to be without getting stuck in traffic and regretting not leaving at a better time.

Invest in a Calendar to Keep At Your Apartment Near UCF

One of the best things to do is keep your obligations and appointments in one place. This way, you always know where to look to see your responsibilities and meetings for any given day. Whether you prefer a paper calendar or a digital one at your UCF apartment, this affordable and accessible organization tool has worked to record things like tasks, notes, and events without life becoming too busy or overwhelming. I recommend a calendar for anyone who is working, going to school, and wants to keep all their doctor's appointments in check.

If you remember things better through writing, a paper calendar might be more helpful in visualizing and remembering all the things you must do. If you want something accessible from anywhere, getting a digital calendar app on your phone or computer is the way to go. Getting an apartment with free Wi-Fi can help you access your calendar at any time and no extra cost to you!

Leave Your UCF Apartment Early

This tip seems obvious, but nothing is worse than weaving your way through a long line of traffic when you are already late. It might not seem like it at first but getting enough sleep the night before and setting multiple alarms can not only get you up at the correct time but can also allow you enough time to get ready for the day. Giving yourself enough time to have a normal flexible routine allows for variation and time for spontaneous events and appointments.

Consider a Different Mode of Transportation at Apartments Near UCF

Driving on the roads is not the only way you can get around the city of Orlando quickly and efficiently. Thankfully, scooters, bikes, and your own two feet are options to get around near UCF apartments.  Living in an apartment near the UCF downtown campus can help you be closer to classes, student resources, and health care centers where you might schedule appointments at. 

Carpool With Another Student Living at UCF Apartments

Another helpful tip that students often forget is carpooling with another person who lives nearby. Being near a student apartment in Orlando can help you find other students with the same classes to carpool with.  Proper coordination of schedules is required for this to work. It's easy to understand that there would be fewer cars on the road if more people carpooled, which would mean less traffic for everyone.

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