Why live in an apartment instead of a house?

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If you are going to Full Sail University, either as a returning student or as a new student, you may be thinking about renting a house rather than an apartment. Maybe you feel that renting a house makes you more independent than living at any of the Full Sail apartments, but there is probably another reason. In my experience, the main reason people rent houses in college is to throw parties. Also, house rentals sometimes come with a dining room and  living room  space that is separated... this could give you extra space to hang out or study while separated from your new roomies.

Partying is all well and good, but you won't be doing that most of the time. Most of the time you will be living out your normal routine in this rented house. The one thing I know about living in homes around college campuses, is that they tend to have a lot of problems.

Most college students aren't too familiar with how to properly check a house, and focus too much on the layout. Landlords love to take advantage of this, and will have no problem letting you rent a house that infested with bugs or has leaks in the ceiling. Full Sail apartments are far more liable and keep their units up to proper standards, while college houses do not.

So what issue's should you be prepared to face in your new party pad? Well to reiterate what I stated before, you might end up having a serious bug issue. Most people start looking at new places to live in early spring, which is when you might not notice that the house you are looking at has termites. In the summer though, you will definitely notice.

Termites aren't the only bug that you might see, as college homes tend to be older and have many openings to the outside. This allows for cockroaches, spiders, and ants to make your home their home. If you are going to live in a college house, make sure you have bug spray.

These open holes also do other things besides letting bug in, as they tend to let air conditioning out. Try heating or cooling your house when it isn't properly sealed, and you will end up having a monstrous utility bill. Oh, and don't expect to have central air and heat like Full Sail apartments do, you will probably have to improvise.

The temperature will cost you a lot in electricity, but it isn't the only thing. These older houses tend to generally have bad cables, meaning everything will generally use a lot more power. Water can be a problem too, as a simple leak under the house could end up costing you hundreds of dollars. You will get stuck with the bill.

So, should you live in one of the apartments near Full Sail, or one of the houses in the area? Well, the decision is ultimately up to you. Living in a house is going to cost about as much as living in a luxury apartment that has lots of problems; but, you will be able to throw some great parties. If you need another opinion, check out this article on renting a house vs. an apartment.

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