My new apartment in Orlando has a courtesy patrol, what does this mean?

While browsing for potential Orlando apartments, you may have noticed a special amenity in some communities called “courtesy patrol.” This is a great feature for residents in apartments near Orlando who would like an additional sense of security and exclusivity within their community. This amenity means that a courtesy patrol officer is present in the complex, usually renting an apartment for free or at a discounted price. The perks of having a patrol officer include a parked and visible police car inside the neighborhood, fast response time to any issues that may arise, and the comfort of knowing a courtesy officer is there to protect his or her close neighbors and community. If you’re wondering if Orlando apartments with courtesy patrol are the right choice for you, keep reading for some additional information on this amenity.

Some residents may be comforted by the presence of a visible, parked police car inside their community. You may prefer to choose this amenity if you work long hours and come home late at night; it can help you feel more at ease if you know your neighbor is a courtesy patrol officer. If you find yourself frequently driving at night, check out these tips from Toyota of Orlando for driving safely during nighttime in Orlando. Visiting family members and friends may find this feature comforting as well. In addition to courtesy patrol, you can also look for Orlando apartments with gated access for exclusive apartment living. This additional feature will require you to enter a code or use a security card when driving into your community. Visitors will also need to call your phone via the security box or enter a special code for access.

Other benefits to courtesy patrol in your community is the fast response time to any issues that may arise. For example, courtesy officers may be able to help with neighborly disputes, noise complaints, and providing a service such as an escort or help you with a lockout. While the courtesy patrol officer does not replace the local police department, it can be beneficial to have someone nearby for smaller issues that can get resolved quickly, rather than waiting for the local police to arrive. If you’re particularly worried about noisy neighbors and prefer low noise levels, you can also look for quiet apartments near Orlando.

Courtesy officers in Orlando apartments can have an increased sense of ownership since they are protecting their own neighbors and community. While the local police department is always nearby, it can be reassuring to have someone who lives inside Orlando apartments just a few feet away from your unit. Each community may vary in their policies for courtesy patrol officers, so make sure to discuss details with your leasing office prior to making a decision or developing specific expectations. For an additional sense of security inside your unit on top of the courtesy patrol amenity, you can also look apartments with alarm systems.

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