Some UCF apartments say they do not allow pets, but are visitors allowed to bring pets?

If you end up living at any of the non-pet friendly UCF apartments, that means that they do allow pets of any type. Neither residents nor their friends are allowed to bring animals onto the property, even for a short amount of time. The one exception to this rule is a service animal.

The reason service animals are allowed at non-pet friendly UCF apartments is because they are not classified as pets, but as working animals. Those who have service animals have them in order to help them deal with a disability. In essence, a service animal is there to take care of the human, and not the other way around.

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), people with services animals are allowed to take their pets wherever people of the public are permitted to go. This means that regardless of a place’s rules against pets, service animals are permitted, even in UCF apartments. This is because without these service animals, their owners wouldn’t be able to perform many tasks. It would also severely limit where someone with a disability could go, which would be discriminating.

So, what qualifies an animal as a service animal. Since 2011, only dogs are recognized under the ADA as service animals. This means that if you see any other type of animal in non-pet friendly UCF apartments, they are not allowed to be there.

In addition, these dogs are trained severely to be able to help people with disabilities. Residents at UFC apartments might distinguish service animals as dogs that help people who are blind, which can be true; however, service animals can be trained in other ways. They can help deaf people, pull a wheelchair, alert others that their owner is having a seizure, calm someone with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and more.

Service animals range in many tasks and duties, but most for the part are supposed to be tethered to their owner in public and at UCF apartments. This means that most service animals will be on a leash, but not all. Some are permitted to be commanded by their owner’s voice, if a leash interferes with their disability training.

All in all, if you or your guests require a service animal; you would be allowed to bring it to non-pet friendly UCF apartments. A service animal is considered a part of someone’s daily life, and is integral to that person being able to function properly. Not being able to have that animal around would be like taking off several limbs.

Please remember that service animals are not pets, and if you do see one in any non-pet friendly UCF apartments, or anywhere at all, you should not be touching them. These animals are not meant to be distracted, as the job they are doing is extremely important. Basically, you can look but cannot touch.

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