What are some ways to improve the air quality in my apartment near Full Sail?

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When looking for Off Campus Housing near Full Sail, it's always important to make sure the air quality is safe. No one can live somewhere comfortably with inhibited airflow and poor air to breathe in. This is true for any setting, but especially when you are living in a large city like Orlando; it can increase the chances of breathing in fumes from the surrounding traffic and industry nearby.

When it comes to air quality, two components are most important. One is the cleanliness of the air. The second is the smell of the air. Chances are if your apartment smells bad, the air you are breathing in is not fresh or clean by any means.  

Your apartment near Full Sail is going to be where you eat, sleep, work, study, and even have other people over, so it's important to maintain air quality to the best of your abilities for the sake of others around you, including yourself as well.

Consult With the Full Sail Apartment Front Office

When it comes to the air conditioning vents, they need to get replaced often so they don't collect mold and other debris that you could be breathing in. Normally, a maintenance crew commissioned by the Full Sail apartment complex you are living in will replace the vents for you.

The maintenance of these vents isn't always consistent. To make sure you are getting new vents often, you might need to request to have them changed out instead of relying on the front office to make that call for you whenever it aligns with their vent replacement schedule.

Another way to keep these vents less dirty is to avoid smoking in the apartments. You can live in a smoke-free apartment if smoke is an issue or you can look for apartments with patios and balconies, perfect for anyone who does smoke but doesn't want it getting in their apartment.

Buy Items That Improve Air Quality in Apartments Near Full Sail

Aside from just replacing the vents, there are other things you can do that can improve the overall air quality in your apartment. For one, you could use candles and air fresheners. This will help your Full Sail apartment smell fresher. Incorporating more plants into your own room and around the apartment can also generate more clean oxygen for everyone. If you have plant or pollen allergies, you might want to skip this option.

Keeping your apartment clean is another great way to make the air cleaner. This means washing your laundry often, taking out the trash before it starts to smell, and maintaining a tidy space with little clutter so the air flows nicely throughout. You can look into valet trash if you want the trash taken out for you.

Sometimes purchasing things is the most effective option to improve the air quality in your apartment. For example, you can invest in an air purifier that can do all of the work for you. Although these tend to get pricey, once you use one, you will notice the difference right away when you take a breath.


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