What does it mean to have an absentee landlord at my Full Sail apartment?

Having an absentee landlord at your Full Sail apartment really depends on what type of apartment you decide to rent. If you're living in a complex, then having an absentee landlord isn't something you need to worry about. Living in a multi-building Full Sail apartment complex, you have leasing agents and the rules of the complex to guide you. There isn't one person you report to, per say, but your Full Sail apartment complex will implement rules for your safety: things like no loud music at your Full Sail apartment, or no smoking in your Full Sail apartment. Not complying with your Full Sail apartment rules could mean you're kicked out of the Full Sail apartment. If you find a Full Sail apartment through a local realtor, however, you may deal with a landlord--absentee or otherwise. The landlord is the person who technically owns your Full Sail apartment. They are responsible for making sure your appliances work, you have all of the amenities promised in your lease, etc. If your Full Sail apartment landlord is absentee, all that means is that they don't live on or near the property. They aren't around to check on your Full Sail apartment at the drop of a hat. If you need something fixed, or you have a maintenance issue at your Full Sail apartment it may take them a while to come get to you. Having an absentee landlord at your Full Sail apartment has both its pros and cons. A pro is that you don't have someone looking over your shoulder all the time. You don't have to keep your Full Sail apartment up to any kind of regulations, and you can be a little more lax about the rules. That's not to say you can completely trash your Full Sail apartment, but maybe there won't be a landlord there to yell at you for having parties in your Full Sail apartment. The downside of having an absentee landlord at your Full Sail apartment is that you won't have quick fixes for your problems. Say, for example, your bathtub decides to stop draining and no matter what you do you can't seem to fix it. Well, if you have an absentee landlord it could be days before someone comes to do anything about it. Sometimes in the event of an absentee landlord they have a "super" who lives in the Full Sail apartment building in their place. This person can be the one who ends up having to deal with any issues that arise at your Full Sail apartment building. When looking for your Full Sail apartment, it's important to ask if the landlord will be absentee or not. 

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