What are some good UCF apartments for upperclassmen and grad students?

Photo of Mission Bay Apartments

As you progress through your college career your priorities begin to change. Classes get harder, you devote more time to studying, and maybe you even dial back the partying a bit. You will need living arrangements that match your increasingly responsible lifestyle. Upperclassmen are bound to find themselves daydreaming about coming home to a relaxed, distraction-free apartment after a long day of classes. Many of the big UCF apartment communities around campus cater to underclassmen who are looking for a high-energy place that suits their 24-hour lifestyle. However, there are a few UCF apartments that have a much chiller atmosphere. This is perfect for upperclassmen and grad students.

Mission Bay Apartments definitely fits the bill of a mature UCF apartment complex. Mission Bay Apartments is definitely not the place you'll find crazy late night ragers that will keep you up into all hours of the night. The mood is much more relaxed, which is perfect for upperclassmen and grad students who are searching for a little more structure to their next apartment community. But just because Mission bay doesn't have a party reputation doesn't mean you still can't have fun while living there. This UCF apartment community has tons of great community features that will fill your free time. Some of the highlights include: a 24-hour fitness center, racquetball court, coffee bar, picnic area, community BBQ grills, resort-style pool, tennis court, and a sand volleyball court. Mission Bay Apartments also has apartment floor plans that are more in line with the demands of upperclassmen and grad students. One and two-bedroom layouts are available. Both have ample amounts of square footage. So, even if you are living in a two bedroom with a roommate, both of you will have plenty of space. Each bedroom also has its own bathroom, which grants each roommate even more privacy.

Victoria Place Apartments is another safe bet for UCF upperclassmen and grad students. Victoria Place, which is located a little farther away then some other UCF apartment communities, has the adult atmosphere that older students need. But its distance away from campus is more than made up for by its proximity to the Waterford Lakes Town Center. This is a perfect spot for upperclassmen and grad students to shop, eat and unwind from their stressful course loads. But being close to great food and shopping isn't the only thing Victoria Place Apartments has going for it. This UCF apartment complex has oversized two-car garages, a state-of-the-art sports facility with an indoor basketball court, and a resort-style pool with outdoor kitchen and lounge. Apartments at Victoria Place fit the upperclassmen and grad student lifestyle. They are more upscale then most UCF apartments and offer plenty of square footage, which lends itself to more privacy. Private bathrooms are also available for UCF students. Apartments also come with great features, such as: walk-in closets, wood floors, vaulted ceilings, alarm systems, and storage space. 

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