Where can I live if I want to be near the Greek life at UCF?

Greek life is one of the best ways to become involved in your University community and meet new friends. While searching for UCF apartments, you may want to look in Greek Park if you are looking to join a fraternity or sorority. Currently, at the University of Central Florida, there are eleven houses in Greek Park with building permit plans to add two more houses to this area, totaling the Greek life at UCF to thirteen houses! These two additional homes should be built by the fall season of 2013. A sorority and fraternity life center is also expected to be completed near the start of next year’s school season. Greek Park is right near Alfaya Trail and Aquarius Agora Drive. Looking for a community near either of these area will put you right in the center of Greek life. Another place to consider is Lake Claire apartments. This living area is inhabited by many Greeks themselves and is in walking distance to the Performing Arts center on campus. You can expect the living quarters in this area to be well maintained and upgraded with newer amenities. This area has been newly built and will become a large focus of campus life within the next years to come.

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