What is the Florida Turnpike?

The Florida Turnpike, formally known as the Sunshine State Parkway, runs nearly 265 miles from Miami to the Orlando area. The turnpike can make traveling to areas such as Orlando, Miami, Key West or the Gulf Coast much easier than taking your congested interstates and it can also help save your gas money as well! However, be prepared to take some change with you on the road! This roadway is filled with toll service stops. The turnpike is also one of the nation’s most heavily traveled roadways, be prepared to encounter some traffic and specific areas, as nearly 1.8 million travelers will use the roadway each day! If you are searching for apartments near Orlando and are a known traveler, selecting a living community near this major roadway will be the perfect area for you! Look for a new home near US 192 and 441. This is a great way to have access to the Turnpike. Neighboring Orlando cities hat are near this area are Gotha, Ococee and Oakland.

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