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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I maintain a clean carpet in Orlando apartments?

    Moving into a new place means a freshly cleaned carpet or even a brand new one, depending on the Orlando apartments you choose. After you settle in, you may be concerned about maintaining a stain-free, fresh-smelling carpet, especially in pet-friendly apartments with a dog, cat or other animal. Whether you're concerned about pet stains or just want to put your best foot forward, you can use the tips and tricks below to keep the carpet looking good as new during your stay at Orlando... Read More »

  • How do I keep a tidy and organized kitchen in Orlando apartments?

    If you don't have a plan for cleaning and organization right at the start, it can be easy to lose track and create a mess that takes more effort to fix later on. Moving to Orlando apartments will give you the opportunity to start fresh and develop a clear strategy for cleaning and maintain your kitchen. This is one of the more important areas to keep clean and organized as spills and other food messes are much more likely to happen here. In addition, cooking and baking is less stressful and... Read More »

  • What are considered “luxury amenities” in Orlando apartments?

    Across the wide variety of apartments in Orlando, each individually community will interpret the term "luxury apartment" differently. It also depends on the individual renter's tastes. Typically, luxury communities will offer upgraded amenities both inside and outside of the unit. These communities are usually newer construction, or older builds that have been substantially updated. While the term luxury apartments is fully up to the renter's discretion, there are a few common features that... Read More »

  • What types of vocational schools are near apartments in Orlando?

    Although Orlando apartments are near some of the larger two and four year colleges and universities, there are many other vocational or tech school options in the area when looking to further your career. Since these types of schools are typically specialized, having a good idea of what type of career field you'd like to pursue before searching for an institution is wise. In addition to popular colleges such as UCF and Valencia College, there are a variety of opportunities for any student... Read More »

  • What amenities should I look for in an upgraded kitchen in Orlando apartments?

    For many residents, an upgraded kitchen can be one of the most exciting amenities when moving to apartments near Orlando. If you've always dreamed of having a kitchen that includes more than just the basics, choosing this feature for your new place will help you reach this goal. Cooking for yourself, your roommates or hosting dinner parties with your friends can be greatly enhanced with access to this type of kitchen. While upgraded kitchens include many different perks that vary depending on... Read More »

  • Should I hire a moving company for my next Orlando apartment move?

    When many people think of moving, one word comes to mind…stress. Besides the physical stress that is associated with moving, which includes manual labor, pulled muscles and bruises; the mental stress can be just as taxing.  However, moving to new apartments in Orlando does not have to be stressful on your body or your mental state! This is why many people choose to hire a moving company for the obvious benefits as well as peace of mind. GoMoving is a full service moving company... Read More »

  • Where should I go when I have a craving for sweets near Orlando apartments?

    While it's no secret that Orlando has huge selection of restaurants and cuisine options, sometimes you just want to satisfy your sweet tooth with a decadent, unique dessert. Apartments near Orlando are close to some of the most popular theme parks in the country, making it a great place for enjoying themed desserts alongside fun attractions. However, you won't want to miss some of the fantastic local options for treats, including classic American desserts and treats from other countries. What... Read More »

  • I’m a holiday fanatic! What are the best areas to see Christmas lights near Orlando apartments?

    ‘Tis the season to get your Jingle Bell on! If you're anything like me, apartments in Orlando that happen to be near some of the most beautifully decorated areas around the holidays are highly desirable. Some communities are even worth the drive if you are a Christmas light enthusiast. Many of these neighborhoods welcome outsiders to come and take awe in all of their hard work. So grab your thermos of hot cocoa and hit the road to check out one of some of Orlando's best holiday... Read More »

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