Find Cheap Apartments in Orlando...

"My friends and I want to move out into our first apartment in Orlando! Are there cheap apartments in this area (we need to save as much money as possible because it will be our first time living without our parents!)?"

To be completely honest, finding an affordable apartment in Orlando without income restrictions can be a challenge. The Orlando apartment rental market is really hot right now, and there's brand new construction popping up all over the place and rents are definitely on the rise. Good news though, we asked our team for some cheap apartment finding secrets.

Start Your Search for Cheap Apartments in Orlando

Tips to Find Cheap Orlando Apartments

  1. Narrow down your options.

    A great place to start is our search page for cheap Orlando apartments. This page has many of the luxury Orlando apartment options filtered out so you can focus on staying on budget.

  2. Shop at odd times of the year.

    Summer is the most popular time to move because young children are not in school and college kids are relocating for the new school year. Shop around major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas when most people aren't worried about apartment shopping and you're likely to find a deal. Prices typically hit their peak occupancies and rental rates around June-July.

  3. Ask if there are any hidden fees.

    Ask if there are any required monthly costs such as valet trash removal, a parking fee, or a monthly pet rent. 

  4. Add up bonus values.

    Does your new apartment community have a gym? Perhaps you can cancel your current gym membership and save $50/month. Or, do they have a coffee bar in the office? Perhaps you could replace your $5 morning Starbucks run a couple times a week and save $40/month. You get the idea, see what added value your new community will bring for you.

  5. Sometimes the cheapest option is not the best.

    Make sure you are going to feel safe at your new apartment. Our favorite trick is to visit the apartment community at night to drive around and see what people are up to. Are they gated apartments? Are there any parties or people loitering? An extra $100/month might be worth your peace of mind. 

Those are our best tips! Now, time to determine your budget! Check out Mint, our favorite online tool for budgeting.