Orlando Apartment Advice

Young professionals can start a family in College Park at family friendly apartments near downtown entertainment.

My wife and I are young professionals thinking of starting a family in the not to distant future, are there any apartments in Orlando that would be suitable to our situation but still near fun night life?

You will find many apartments in Orlando that are great for young professionals. One Orlando apartment neighborhood in particular we would recommend looking at would be College Park, Florida. Apartments in College Park are a little northwest of downtown Orlando but still close enough keep an urban feel to the neighborhood. This makes College Park apartments ideal for young professionals who don’t want to live in downtown Orlando, but still want to near enough to enjoy a night out with minimal travel hassles. You will also find plenty of family apartments in College Park, lots of small shops and a thriving business community. This combination should make apartment living in College Park perfect for your situation. Learn more about College Park apartments and other Orlando apartment neighborhoods on our Neighborhood Guide page.