Winter Park Apartments Frequently Asked Questions

Searching for an apartment in Winter Park? To get started right away, see a full list of Winter Park apartments.

Are there one-bedroom apartments available for rent in Winter Park?

Many apartment communities in Winter Park, FL offer one-bedroom apartments. Located in different areas of Winter Park, you will be able to find a perfect one-bedroom apartment that fits all of your needs. Prices for one-bedroom apartments in Winter Park range and you can see current pricing on our main search page. The location, size, and style (true one-bedroom or studio) of the apartment are all factors that determine the price of your new one-bedroom apartment in Winter Park.

I’m trying to be “green” and want to live an apartment in Winter Park. Are there any apartments in Winter Park that are making green efforts?

Yes! Several apartment communities in Winter Park, FL are making strides towards green living, including recycling, use of low energy lighting, LEED certification, community gardens, tank-less water heaters, and native landscaping. If you are looking to live a “green” life, look no further. Use’s search page to find out which Winter Park apartments are “green!”

I’m a college student in the Winter Park and am looking for an apartment that provides roommate matching and is close to school. What are my options?

Winter Park has apartments near UCF, apartments near Full Sail and Rollins College apartments. They can be rented unfurnished or furnished and Intaglio is one of the only apartment communities in Winter Park that provides a roommate matching service. Additionally, this community offers flexible lease terms, ideal for students who may be returning home for the summer or studying abroad.

Are there apartment communities in Winter Park that are pet-friendly and have a dog walk?

No one wants to move to a new apartment and not be able to bring his or her pet. While most of the apartments in Winter Park are pet friendly, not all have dog walks. If you are looking for an apartment in Winter Park that has a special outdoor area, like a dog walk, for you and your pet, use the Orlando Apartments search page on our Web site. Limit your search to find apartments in Winter Park, and then under “Community Features” select “Yes” for Dog Walk. Over half of the apartments in Winter Park offer dog walks, so it should be easy to find an apartment complete with a dog walk, as well as, fitting any of your other needs!