We think 407apartments.com is the best apartment locator website available to find your next Orlando apartment. Bold statement, we know - see how we arrived at this conclusion...

When I search for apartments in Orlando I get hundreds of apartments and apartment finder websites. What makes 407apartments.com different from the all the other sites?

For starters 407apartments.com is the only local website dedicated to Orlando, Florida apartments. There are many fine sites out there but they typically list apartments from a much larger region or even nationwide coverage. 407apartments.com only lists apartments that are in the Orlando, Florida area. Our business model is to keep this local focus far into the future. While we may expand into other areas completely different websites will be developed that are independent of 407apartments.com to serve those areas.

Second, use our real-time search bars to find actual apartments in Orlando that are currently available to rent based upon search criteria that you select. If you want to narrow or expand your search just click or unclick whatever areas, amenities, utilizes, whatever you want.

Third, you can run as many searches as you want for FREE! That is right; 407apartments.com does not cost you a dime to run as many searches as you need.

Lastly we built 407apartments.com to be a valuable resource for every aspect of your Orlando apartment search. You will tons of information on the different apartment neighborhoods that make up metropolitan Orlando in our Neighborhood Guide page. Our Orlando Apartment Resources Guide will give you lots of tips on what to look for when you are searching for your Orlando apartment, help with your move once you have found your perfect apartment in Orlando and even some help navigating Orlando once settled in your apartment.