Orlando Apartment Advice

Let us help you find the BEST apartment in Downtown Orlando.

I am looking at apartments in Downtown Orlando to rent and want to know which one is best? Which would you recommend?

Deciding where to live in Downtown is a big decision. It's convenient to I-4 and SR 408, and there is great shopping, restaurants, and entertainment around every corner. However, along with the convenience comes some difficulties. Parking is sometimes hard to find if a community does not have a parking lot or parking garage. You may have to purchase a city parking decal to park on the street. Also on weekends, the sound from live music and busy nightclubs tends to travel and may be disturbing to some. You must decide if you would like to live closer to the action or further away. You also need to take into account your parking needs and which community can fulfill those. Check out our neighborhood guide for Downtown Orlando to learn all about the area and compare communities to find the best one for you!