Find a Safe Apartment in Orlando

We hear the question all of the time: "I want to live in a safe apartment in Orlando. I can't find "safe apartment" or "apartment security" anywhere on the web. Why not?"

We all want to feel safe in our apartment, and it is probably a good bet that safety or security is one of the top criteria for your Orlando apartment search. The challenge is that we don't live in a world of guarantees.  And while it's true that the vast majority of apartment owners do what they can to minimize danger, there is no way to completely guarantee every renter's safety 24/7. So you'll be hard pressed to find an Orlando apartment that guarantees that they are "safe."  They can't - their attorneys won't let them.

Just because apartments won't claim to be "safe," it doesn't mean that you as a renter can't look for features and amenities that you believe will help to mitigate risk and will lead to a safer living environment.

Start Your Search for Gated Apartments in Orlando

Apartment safety is about asking questions.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself.  Start with these & make sure to consider other questions that you feel are important.

  • Does your Orlando apartment provide an alarm system?
  • Is the apartment a gated community?
  • Is there a courtesy officer on duty after hours?
  • How well lit are the parking lots and walkways?
  • Does each apartment have a sprinkler installed?

Looking at these types of amenities should give you a good start to finding a safe apartment in Orlando. The next step is for you to identify your own questions.  So while unfortunately we can not give you a blanket "safe Orlando apartment certificate," it's at least a starting place.

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