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Orlando Apartments Near Good Schools

If you're a renter with school-aged children, then it's almost certain that you've asked yourself "Can I find an apartment in a good school district in Orlando?" No worries. has you covered. We have partnered with GreatSchools to produce a guide to Orlando schools zoned for some of the area's best apartments.

Finding Apartments Zoned for Orlando Schools

We make it easy to find apartments zoned for any type of Orlando school. To start you search, select the type of schools (elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, etc.) you're looking for from the drop-down menu. The map and list of schools will update based on your selections.

Next, you can browse all schools that match your search in the list to the right of the map. You can filter by Parent Rating to see the schools ordered from highest to lowest rated, or filter by school rating to see the schools ordered from highest to lowest GreatSchools rating. Click "Read Reviews" to read the parent reviews for a particular school.

If you see a school you may be interested in, you can click "See Apartments in School Zone" to view apartments zoned for that particular school. These apartments will appear underneath the map. We only show apartments that the schools are zoned for, and not apartments that are nearby the schools.

After clicking "See Apartments in School Zone," you can get more information about the community by clicking "Learn More." Alternatively, you can view all the apartments zoned for a particular school by clicking "View More Apartments" to the left of the listed apartments. Our apartment listings are some of the most detailed available on the web, so they should be helpful in your search to find the perfect apartment to match your lifestyle, budget & school zone.

Other Factors to Consider

When you're thinking about your next apartments, there are more things to consider than simply whether you'd be zoned for an A-rated school.  You should also consider what you need to live happy and healthy in your new apartment.

  • Do you want to finding an apartment close to work for a less strenuous commute?
  • What about finding an apartment convenient to extra-curricular activities for the kids?
  • Are cultural attractions and entertainment are important to you?

School ratings shouldn't be the deciding factor during your search. Sometimes, choosing the school with a rating of 8 instead of the school with a rating of 10 will put you closer to parks, attractions, shopping, dining, entertainment, and work to give you the quality of life for which you've been searching.

School Bus Kids

Additional Resources for Finding Public Schools Zoned for Orlando Area Apartments:

Orlando public schools abide by an open enrollment policy, which gives your child the opportunity to attend a higher performing school if assigned to a lower performing school in the district. This applies to other public schools, public charter schools, and magnet schools. There must be space in the transferring school. Check with your school district using the links above to get more information.

Please note that while and our partners strive to provide the most up to date information possible, it is imperative that individuals confirm school zoning with the proper officials PRIOR TO signing a lease or making other decisions based on information provided.