Goldenrod Apartments FAQs

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I’m a college student looking for an apartment in the Goldenrod area. Are there any apartments that rent by the room?

Yes! It’s easy to find apartments that rent by the room, especially near universities and colleges. The Goldenrod area has plenty of communities that rent by the room. Use our apartment search page to find which apartments in the Goldenrod area have this feature. Our search page can help you narrow your apartment search and find a great place to call home in no time!

I work downtown. Is the commute from Goldenrod very long?

The commute from apartments in Goldenrod to Downtown Orlando is short and simple! Most apartments in Goldenrod are located close to the East-West Expressway. This major highway will take you from Goldenrod straight to Downtown Orlando. It is only about a ten-minute drive, making the commute easy for residents of the Goldenrod area. Living in Goldenrod instead of in Downtown will most likely come with the benefit of a less expensive rent as well.

Are their any communities in Goldenrod that have swimming pools?

Yes. To find out which apartment communities in Goldenrod have swimming pools for resident use, visit the apartment search page, and search for apartments that have the amenities you are looking for. Having a pool close by can be a huge plus with the hot Florida weather. If that is something important to you, find an apartment with a pool, and take full advantage of the summer rays!

What is the typical price for a one-bedroom apartment in the Goldenrod area?

Apartment prices can vary greatly depending on location, amenities, floorplan, etc. One-bedroom apartments in Goldenrod range from about 650 dollars to a little over 800 dollars. The more expensive one-bedroom apartments are usually larger than one-bedrooms with lower rent prices. To find a one-bedroom that fits your needs, check out our apartment search page, and narrow your search by selecting only Goldenrod apartments. Our unique search makes find the perfect apartment for you fast and easy!