Find an Orlando Apartment to Match Your Lifestyle.

When choosing an apartment to rent in the Orlando area the first step is to determine what is most important to you. Is it:

  • Location - are you a UCF student that needs off campus housing close to classes?
  • Social life – do you want to the Disney experience or a Downtown Orlando experience on a daily basis?
  • Value – are you intrigued by the prospect of a cheap apartment?
  • Space – do you want a multi-bedroom apartment to raise your family?
  • Amenities – perhaps the latest apartment furnishings and features are what appeal to you?

Once you have organized what is most important you will have generated some valuable criteria to use as your own personalized apartment guide during your search. Below are some ideas to think about while searching for that perfect Orlando apartment.

  • Student Apartments in Orlando.

    If you are a University of Central Florida (UCF) student you will likely want to stay on the western side of Orlando (link to map). UCF student housing is offered by the university via on-campus dormitories, but if off-campus housing is what you want there are many neighborhoods offering convenient student housing options.

  • Apartments for Professionals in Orlando.

     If you physically commute to work the location of your Orlando employer will likely influence the area you search for an apartment. For a lightening fast commute target an Orlando neighborhood in close proximity to your employer. Use the map on our Orlando Apartment search page to easily find locations around Orlando. If you telecommute then all of the Orlando apartments are open to you. Be sure to investigate internet connectivity and speed before choosing your apartment.

  • Social Life in Orlando.

    If night life is what calls out to you then looking in the southwestern part of Orlando will put you in close proximity to all the night life offered daily by the theme parks. If peace and quite are what you crave then you may want to look north and east of Orlando. There are many great options in Northern and Eastern Orlando for families and those looking for something other than theme park living while still enjoying all that Orlando offers.

  • Apartment Amenities.

    If luxury apartment living is what you desire then we recommend searching the newer, all-inclusive Orlando apartments that are typically offered by bigger complexes. Some amenities you will want to investigate are: modern furnishings (do you want a furnished apartment to rent?), swimming pools and spas, washer and dryer included, apartment security, proximity to public transportation, sports and fitness options included, pet friendly, covered parking offered and internet connectivity are a few.

The perfect apartment is worth the search...

Finding the perfect Orlando apartment will require a little bit of thought about what you really value most. You will likely find that certain things are really important to you and others, well, maybe not as much as you originally thought.'s real-time search will help you make those choices and allow you to immediately find apartments that match your search criteria. Keep an open mind throughout the apartment finding process and have fun!

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