Find an Orlando apartment matching your budget

Are you looking for a "cheap" apartment in Orlando, FL? While cost is certainly a major factor to consider while searching for an apartment in Orlando, it can be dangerous to only focus on cost. The cheap apartment does not always translate into getting the most apartment value for your dollar. Additionally there are a number of items that will determine your actual cost of living outside of the monthly rent check you write. Keeping track of these items gives you some additional ways to save. Below are some items to keep in mind while searching for that perfect Orlando apartment:

  • Budget for Rent.

    I know, I know, you may be thinking I want an apartment not a financial lecture! But the truth is, just as buying a house to big for your budget can have disastrous long term effects on your credit rating so to can renting an apartment that exceeds your budget. Housing is typically your largest monthly expenditure so figure out exactly what you are able to spend on your apartment search before starting your search.

  • Space in Your Apartment.

    An often overlooked factor that has enormous impact on the price of your apartment is determining how much living space you really need. Often we think bigger is always better. But keep in mind that with a bigger space also come more cleaning, higher utility bills and commonly higher rent costs. Focusing on apartments that have the amount of living space you actually need will payoff as you enjoy your apartment over the coming months and years.

  • Apartment Amenities.

    What actually comes with that monthly rent check? Some typical things that may or may not come with the apartment rent are additional pet fees, any utilities included, and washer & dryer. Check with you apartment representative and read the lease closely so you are clear on exactly what you are paying.

  • Fees in Addition to Your Apartment's Rent.

    Do you need to put first and last months rent down when renting your apartment? Does the apartment require a security deposit? What conditions must be met to get your deposit back? What happens if your rent is late? Is it possible to break your lease, if so what fees are required? Pay close attention to all fees and be very clear exactly what hidden costs (if any) are associated with your apartment. Fees not included in the rent sometimes end up making that really cheap apartment a little more expensive than you originally thought.

  • Don’t be Afraid to Ask the Apartment Staff Questions.

    Lastly, make sure you ask, “what extra incentives are you offering?” Many apartments will offer incentives to help you make up your mind. These can range from a limited number of free months rent, new electronic devices, paid utilities and even cash cards. A free months rent will effectively reduce the monthly apartment rental fee.

There are plenty of Orlando apartments that will fit any budget, from studio apartments to luxury apartment rentals. Determine your budget and use our apartment finder to search for the Orlando apartment that will meet your budget and meet your needs.

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