Orlando Apartment Advice

Is there a "best time of year" to sign a lease for an apartments in Orlando?

When renting an Orlando apartment does the time of the year I sign a lease make a difference?

Orlando is blessed with an abundance of apartments for you to choose and a thriving business community. This large inventory of apartments mixed with the steady employment Orlando enjoys gives you some cushion on the seasonality that impacts apartment rentals in some other regions. However, there are a number of large universities and colleges in Orlando that will impact the availability of some Orlando apartments (UCF, Valencia Community College, DeVry University, Anthem College and Everest University). Those Orlando apartments closest to the universities and colleges will be more apt to see the majority of their apartments open and fill-up in July and August, with a smaller amount in December and January. Use our informational Neighborhood Guide to see if your Orlando apartment location may be affected by the academic seasonality of UCF, Valencia Community College, DeVry University, Anthem College and Everest University.

Another item to keep in mind is that the price of an apartment rental and the specials currently available are subject to change without notice. Orlando apartments use incentives and lower rent prices to fill vacancies, once they have filled an acceptable number the prices will go back to normal rates. Use our Orlando Apartments real-time search capability to quickly compare rates on all the Orlando apartments. So, the take home apartment renal message is: if you find an apartment in Orlando that meets your criteria and is at the right place you risk losing it by waiting for a better deal to come along.